If you think too often about marketing, you are one of our customers.

If you are

-A business owner or a co-owner of an IT company and thinking about organizing a marketing department from a zero point

- Founder or founding member of an IT company with no experience with marketing 

- CEO of an IT company who needs to add a boost to your existing team, or, maybe 

- COO of an IT company who is looking for a more structured approach to marketing, to shed light on a marketing department activity


Встречи и семинары
Image by Charles Deluvio

- CMO of an IT company who needs a creative addition to the marketing team and its vision 

- CSO of an IT company who requires a strategic marketing consulting and planning to open new market opportunity 

- CHR of an IT company - struggling to find a marketing director and being pushed to cover this very important position at least temporary...


Found yourself?

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