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 The main services, we do for IT industry 

strategic marketing consulting and planning. We help to understand and to develop USP, added value, value proposition. We conduct with your help eye-opening market and competitive researches. Based on those researchers we build your strategic set. Strategic set, which we help to identify, perform, is equipped with tactics and KPI spans. You actually can save a ton of money, if you buy one of the ready-made sets, which you can find in our shop till the end of the year 2019.

- development of marketing as a function - we help you to start marketing as a function in your company. This includes - role identification, job descriptions, activity planning for each role and assistance during the interview. 

- managing consulting - unique offer, when we help you to manage your marketing team, while you are looking for a full-time marketing director.  


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Marketing Products (will be available soon)

Yes. It finally happens. You can buy ready-made strategy, tactical, management, planning sets including team composition and budgets in a full package. 

If you think this will impact your competitive advantage - please keep in mind, that every car has similar details, but BMW is not Ford and not Porsche. Every pizza has similar components but is different in taste. 

Your culture, vision, creativity, and intuition - this is what makes your brand unique!   

Our products aim is to save you time and cost, to free you from boring parts and to give you creative freedom! 

Enjoy and share your experience in how you use our products! 

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