• Marina Babich


Hi, if you are here, I assume you need to get more information about strategic IT marketing. It is possible you need to find answers to some of those essential questions, every person, connected to the business, asks sometimes.

Starting with philosophical where to go and what to do? To where to find my audience, my market, my revenue after all? How to present my products or services to stand out from million similar offers? How to create a need if there is none? How to sell to my existing customers, how to market and promote myself, so that they didn't hate me? And continuing with is there any unique proposition left on this Earth? How to find my business UNIQUE face?

There are many questions, in the field of marketing, and the answers not even depend on those tools you choose, whether they are digital or traditional. They instead rely on you, your intuition, analytical, and research skills, along with strategical and tactical knowledge...

The primary mission of Aim Plan Act is to give that, experience-based knowledge, to add to your talent, creativity, intuition, emotional intelligence, and all those traits which make us unique, as personalities.

Here you find strategies, described simply, recommended tactics, step-by-step implementation guide, management tips, budgeting in details and other not obvious things, which you have to keep in mind while working on marketing planning.

Please enjoy free and paid information, you find here, apply it, and get a free headache free marketing planning time!

Enjoy your marketing!

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