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Recently https://www.goodfirms.co/company/aimplanact/interview published an interview with Maryna Babich, CEO of AimPlanAct. They talked about AimPlanAct as a business, about differentiation, and about the plans. Read some moments from the interview here, read more on https://goodfirms.co and stay with us for more!

About the story behind AimPlanAct

Sometimes the story is so dramatically common, that is rather boring to read. My case exactly! After several other companies and a couple of decades in marketing and sales, I simply understood how to help IT businesses to stop struggles with marketing. I developed my methods during my own career and now those methods are essential for Aim Plan Act customers and their success.

Intriguing information about the future of AimPlanAct

We are currently working on a set of marketing products and AI-based software to make marketers' lives easier and more effective. The first product, our Lead-generation report for B2B services, with a focus on the IT industry will be available in October 2021. Visit our site in October to learn more and to get the insights to perform planning based on market data. In 10 years we hope to make the simplest and the most effective “easier marketing” products and perform best services on our marketing and business service station =)

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